[webkit-dev] List of prefixed APIs in WebKit

Tony Gentilcore tonyg at chromium.org
Tue Apr 10 03:58:52 PDT 2012

While it'd require some archaeology, would it be useful to compile a list
of formerly prefixed APIs which have graduated?


On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 2:10 AM, Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org> wrote:

> As you might be aware, there's been some amount of debate in the
> browser community recently about the use of vendor prefixes in the web
> platform.  I'm sure many of you have opinions on this topic, but
> rather than triggering a long thread about this topic, I'd like to
> start by gathering some data about WebKit's current use of vendor
> prefixes.
> I've put together a list of all the vendor-prefixed APIs I could find
> in WebKit, at least for DOM interfaces:
> https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/PrefixedAPIs
> I'd like to try to understand the current status of these APIs on the
> standards track.  If you happen to know which specifications contain
> these various APIs (and the standardization status of these
> specifications), would you be so kind as to add a link from the wiki
> to the specification?  If there isn't a specification, please feel
> encouraged to note that on the wiki together with any information
> you're aware of about future plans for writing a specification.
> I'll do my best to fill in the gaps in a few days.
> Many thanks,
> Adam
> P.S., If you'd be willing to fill in the list of vendor-prefixed CSS
> properties, I'd appreciate that as well.
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