[webkit-dev] Implementing new WebSocket protocol

Adam Crabtree dude at noderiety.com
Wed Jun 15 12:34:44 PDT 2011

If possible, I would encourage any breaking update to WebSockets (protocol
or JS API) to be feature detectable. Additionally, I would encourage WebKit
to postpone updating to -09 to coincide with expected changes to the JS API,
which may provide the necessary feature detection mechanisms (e.g.,
WebSocket.open a la XHR):

More specifically,  I work at HP Palm and our devices currently support the
-00 implementation of WebSockets, and while we are able to auto-update,
users must approvebut may not have been updated, and while as far as I
understand being just a protocol -00 could be detected and supported
server-side along-side -09, -00 implementations connecting to a -09 server
will have to fail (full RTT) in order to feature detect support for -09.

Allowing this feature detection along-side the protocol-break would enable
libraries and implementations to know what protocol versions are supported
and adjust behavior accordingly.

Alternatively, being that the protocol updates are in draft while API
updates are not with no anticipation of when they will be, some other means
of feature detection could be exposed instead.


Adam Crabtree
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