[webkit-dev] Adding ENABLE_BATTERY_STATUS to WebCore

laszlo.1.gombos at nokia.com laszlo.1.gombos at nokia.com
Wed Jun 15 09:11:17 PDT 2011


> > It seems like the working draft has a couple of TODOs now.  Is the
> spec sufficiently stable?  Are other browser vendors implementing this
> feature?

We have interest implementing the battery-status spec for the QtWebKit (and share the common part of the implementation).

> > What happens if you have more than one battery? Many modern devices
> have
> > backup batteries, e.g. to keep the RTC. What is the upgrade path for
> this
> > event to support applications that want to have a more detailed view
> (e.g. a
> > dashboard in a server farm that also wants to query the UPS)?
> The spec is intentionally designed to abstract away such details. A
> typical web app developer should not be concerned about the
> complexities of multiple batteries a device may have.

The use-case for us is to enable content developers to implement rudimentary power management (e.g. to stop "expensive" operations on the page, perhaps save state). I'm not sure if this API is really meant for accurately reporting all the possible power management states of the system as Anssi pointed out.


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