[webkit-dev] about QtWebKit documentation

Kanazawa Yoshiko yoshiko_kanazawa at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 27 18:53:11 PST 2011

I am new here.
I have a question about Qtwebkit documentation.
I found very similar question 
(more than 2 years ago) but it seems he didn't get clear answer.
So I post here again,sorry.
His question is almost the same with me.I am writing a technical document too.
>> 1) where is the exact interface layer between QT and WEBKIT?
Source is maybe here webkit\WebCore\platform 
If there are some documentation to help my understandings.....

>> 2) What are the APIs or Data structures, when we send data to WebCore
>> for
>> parsing?
Already I have read about demo browser source but don't know where to start 
to search about that question.....
Thank you so much for any help

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