[webkit-dev] OSX 64 bit plugin support not ready

Avi Drissman avi at google.com
Sun Apr 24 13:45:52 PDT 2011

I can't address your first question but have a comment.

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Alan Swartz <alan_swartz at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Looking around some more, it turns out much of the code in this file is not
> compiled if NP_NO_CARBON is defined.  This leads me to believe that the
> version of WebKit that comes down with Qt 4.7.3 is not ready for OSX 64 bit
> plugins.

You are aware that Carbon isn't available in 64 bits? Theoretically, a
plugin with a Cocoa event model and CoreGraphics drawing should work, though
the code you point out looks suspicious.

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