[webkit-dev] OSX 64 bit plugin support not ready

Alan Swartz alan_swartz at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 24 11:46:24 PDT 2011

I'm working in the WebKit sources that comes down with Qt 4.7.3

I was trying to get the Adobe Square 64 bit flash plug-in (beta) to work in any 
of the examples (currently I'm trying examples/webkit/fancybrowser)

While stepping through code, I found the following in 

bool PluginView::platformStart()
   // Gracefully handle unsupported drawing or event models. We can do this
    // now since the drawing and event model can only be set during NPP_New.
#ifndef NP_NO_CARBON
    NPBool eventModelSupported;
    if (getValueStatic(NPNVariable(NPNVsupportsCarbonBool + m_eventModel), 
&eventModelSupported) != NPERR_NO_ERROR
            || !eventModelSupported) {
        m_status = PluginStatusCanNotLoadPlugin;
        LOG(Plugins, "Plug-in '%s' uses unsupported event model %s",
#ifndef NP_NO_CARBON

Since NP_NO_CARBON is defined for 64 bit builds, the above code will set 
m_status to PluginStatusCanNotLoadPlugin and return false.

Looking around some more, it turns out much of the code in this file is not 
compiled if NP_NO_CARBON is defined.  This leads me to believe that the version 
of WebKit that comes down with Qt 4.7.3 is not ready for OSX 64 bit plugins.

I am new to the WebKit community so there is a lot I don't know about resources, 
development, source control, etc... 
Be gentle.

So here are my questions:

1)  Is the analysis correct?  (i.e. 64 bit plugins not supported on OSX in this 
WebKit branch)
2)  How can I find out if this is being worked on? or if there are workarounds?

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