[webkit-dev] Webkit mipsel crashing in arenaDelete

Bharathwaaj S bharathwaaj.s at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 23:50:21 PST 2010


I could port webkit to mipsel architechture using DirectFB Backend.

I've taken svn WebKitGtk release 1.1.8 present

I could get google.com homepage when I run GtkLauncher. But when I press any
the Google Search button, it crashes.

I added printfs in the code and I found that it is crashing in File
WebCore/rendering/RenderObject.cpp Function arenaDelete in the line

delete this

It also crashes when I reload the google page by pressing right click and

The same release when built for x86 runs fine.

Kindly help me in solving this issue.

With regards,
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