[webkit-dev] Getting frame that requested scroll

Rafael Antognolli antognolli at profusion.mobi
Wed Feb 3 05:01:15 PST 2010


Is there a way to know which frame requested a scroll to ChromeClient?
I mean, just adding that to the port, without having to change
anything inside WebCore?

>From the backtrace I see that ScrollView changes the ScrollBar value,
and FrameView is notified by that (thus calling
ScrollView::valueChanged) and that implies on
ScrollView::scrollContents. My problem is that the ScrollView only
calls hostWindow()->scroll(), that doesn't give any information on
which frame requested the scroll. So, would it be possible to add this
info to the call, and finally get it on ChromeClient?

I need that info because I'm implementing a backing store for EFL
port, so a scroll should just repaint some part of the screen if it's
a inner frame scrolling, or move the backing store if it's a full page
scrolling. But just getting it from the size of the scroll isn't very

Best Regards,
Rafael Antognolli
ProFUSION embedded systems

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