[webkit-dev] ruby annotation layout tests

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Thu Nov 12 21:00:52 PST 2009

FWIW, Chromium has version-specific diffs between XP and Vista/Win-7.
I don't remember off-hand how bad the diffs where, but comparing the
files in:



will show you. It wouldn't surprise me to see minor pixel diffs
between the two, most of the east-asian script tests have them.

-- Dirk

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Roland Steiner
<rolandsteiner at google.com> wrote:
> Hm, interesting - I have to admit I just now saw that most (all?) test that
> use non-English text are marked as Skipped for Windows (i.e., are in
> LayoutTests/platform/win/Skipped). Now, if there is a fundamental reason why
> such tests can't just be re-baselined (rendering incompatibilities between
> Windows versions perhaps?), then changing the tests in fast/ruby to simply
> use English text may well be the more prudent solution after all.
> Cheers,
> Roland
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