[webkit-dev] how to implement the flash block for webkit on linux?

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 23:02:06 PDT 2009


>       At present, we want to implement the flash block for webkit on linux
> like flash block extension for firefox.
>       We find the implemention of firefox, it's based on xbl, it's very easy
> to understand.Through checking after sometime we find the branches/xbl2  of
> webkit svn includes the xbl2 implemention, but don't know the degree of xbl
> support and its current status, and the layouttest related to xbl is so
> simple. some people know using xbl in webkit can implement the flash block?

XBL2 lives on a branch as it is not suited for inclusion inside WebKit as-is.
The current XBL2 implementation is very limited, it includes adding /
removing a binding through JavaScript or CSS but does not include the
rendering part (shadow tree generation). It lays out some of the XBL2
internals but it is more a stub than anything.

I think you could filter the flash plugin when it is registered for a
page inside WebKit (the code is inside WebCore/plugins). I cannot help
you more as I have a very limited knowledge of the NPAPI.


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