[webkit-dev] how to implement the flash block for webkit on linux?

Suk Zhong sukmaillist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 01:02:01 PDT 2009

Hi Julien:

       Thanks your reponse. After your tips  I think using xbl in webkit
can't implement the flash block now.

       After some discuss, i find one simple way to implement the flash
block. the main idea is overwrite FrameLoaderClientQt::createPlugin to
replace its src parameter to another small customed swf source and pass the
original src parameter  to the customed swf which will control use control
to play. When user click the play button in the customed swf, it resets the
embed object's src parameter back to original src parameter through
actionscript etc.

     This's my current idea,but don't implement successfully now, i maybe
give a try.

Best Regards.


2009/3/9 Julien Chaffraix <julien.chaffraix at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> >       At present, we want to implement the flash block for webkit on
> linux
> > like flash block extension for firefox.
> >
> >       We find the implemention of firefox, it's based on xbl, it's very
> easy
> > to understand.Through checking after sometime we find the branches/xbl2
> of
> > webkit svn includes the xbl2 implemention, but don't know the degree of
> xbl
> > support and its current status, and the layouttest related to xbl is so
> > simple. some people know using xbl in webkit can implement the flash
> block?
> XBL2 lives on a branch as it is not suited for inclusion inside WebKit
> as-is.
> The current XBL2 implementation is very limited, it includes adding /
> removing a binding through JavaScript or CSS but does not include the
> rendering part (shadow tree generation). It lays out some of the XBL2
> internals but it is more a stub than anything.
> I think you could filter the flash plugin when it is registered for a
> page inside WebKit (the code is inside WebCore/plugins). I cannot help
> you more as I have a very limited knowledge of the NPAPI.
> Regards,
> Julien
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