[webkit-dev] Reviewer Nomination: Peter Kasting

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Thu Jul 2 01:10:39 PDT 2009

I would like to nominate Peter Kasting as a WebKit reviewer.

Peter is most well known for all his work on the Image Decoders.  At
this point, I believe he's webkit's #1 expert on how they work.  Peter
also worked on other random bits of WebCore under the Don Gibson
pseudonym before Chrome was public.

I have found Peter a pleasure to work with, very technical, extremely
passionate, and quite level-headed.  (Even including some recent
arguments over image decoder architecture between Holger and Peter.)

Peter is well over 80 patches:

His patches have been reviewed by numerous other reviewers (including
myself), and he can be found everyday in #webkit as pkasting.

Do I hear a 2nd, 3rd?  (Ideally including at least one non-Google reviewer...)


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