[webkit-dev] Reviewer Nomination: Peter Kasting

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Thu Jul 2 01:17:44 PDT 2009

I have difficulty seeing peter as a reviewer he has historically  
demonstrated a bad attitude wrt other ports, is reticent about fixing  
regressions in other ports.

I also think "expert" on how image decoders work is overrated as he is  
the only person who has done any work on them, and has repeatedly  
broken them on platforms he isn't directly involved in.

Given my recollection of working with him i don't yet believe he has  
reached the point where he should reasonably be considered for a  


On Jul 2, 2009, at 1:10 AM, Eric Seidel wrote:

> I would like to nominate Peter Kasting as a WebKit reviewer.
> Peter is most well known for all his work on the Image Decoders.  At
> this point, I believe he's webkit's #1 expert on how they work.  Peter
> also worked on other random bits of WebCore under the Don Gibson
> pseudonym before Chrome was public.
> I have found Peter a pleasure to work with, very technical, extremely
> passionate, and quite level-headed.  (Even including some recent
> arguments over image decoder architecture between Holger and Peter.)
> Peter is well over 80 patches:
> http://trac.webkit.org/search?q=kasting
> http://trac.webkit.org/search?q=Don+Gibson
> His patches have been reviewed by numerous other reviewers (including
> myself), and he can be found everyday in #webkit as pkasting.
> Do I hear a 2nd, 3rd?  (Ideally including at least one non-Google  
> reviewer...)
> -eric
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