[webkit-dev] Setting up Xcode for debugging webkit

ying lcs yinglcs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 20:51:40 PST 2009

I am using Xcode 3.1.2 on Mac 10.5.5.

I try to setup XCode to debug webkit by following this:

Active SDK: Use ProjectSettings
Active Configuration: Debug
Active Target: JavaScriptCore
Active Executable: MyExecutable

For step #4, I enter '/Applications/Safari.app'

Set a breakpoint at line 40 of Parser.cpp:
void Parser::parse(JSGlobalData* globalData, int* errLine, UString* errMsg);

Then, I did 'Build and Debug'.

An instance of Safai get started.

And then I load 'www.cnn.com' (a site which has JavaScript).

But the breakpoint does not get break. I expect it should break there
since it needs to parse the Javascript files.

Can you please tell me what am I missing?

Thank you for any pointers.

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