[webkit-dev] GDOM patch spam

Ryan Leavengood leavengood at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 11:33:29 PDT 2009

All I know is that Eric and the other hard-working WebKit reviewers
and committers have patiently steered my student Maxime and myself
into submitting good patches for the Haiku port, which they have
promptly committed. All for a platform which has a much, much, much
smaller user base than the GDOM bindings probably have.

So it is silly to think there is any discrimination toward GDOM. If
you are not following the clearly laid out guidelines for submitting
code to the project you should not expect code to be accepted.

Also I think a little patience and respect is due given how hard Eric
and everyone else on the project works to review patches and commit
code (I think it is safe to say they are INUNDATED just about every

In the same way that you expect people from WebKit to respect
contributors, you should respect all the work they have done to make
something so nice for the rest of us to benefit from.


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