[webkit-dev] GDOM patch spam

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Fri Aug 14 05:10:48 PDT 2009

On Friday 14 August 2009 13:01:08 lkcl wrote:

You are banned for anti social behavior. You know it is not the first time you 
got banned, you know it is not your fault... if you manage to get help and 
grow up, banning can be re-evaluated. From my personal point of view this ban 
should be active for at least a year, please respect that.

Webkit.org has a process you have repeatedly shown no respect to. You have 
shown no respect to the contributors, you have shown no willingness to 
incorporate feedback. You are wasting _everyones_ time on this.

To contribute to webkit you have to accept the coding style, you have to 
accept the level of perfection we require. And these rules apply to everyone, 
we have no 2nd or 3rd class citizenship for origins of contributors...

> as you work for google, is that an official position of google, to insult
> martin soto's work, helmut's work, alp toker's work, my work, and many
> other contributors, by calling their contributions "stupid"?

Yes, Google cares so much for your problem that Eric's mail was signed by 
everyone of the board of directory and that google.com will display his 
email... *sigh* 

yours truly independent FOSS devloper

PS: Normally I love conspiracy but not when it turns into paranoia

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