[webkit-dev] Using Nightly Builds as Development Binaries

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Mon Aug 10 07:37:57 PDT 2009

After weeks of labor, I'm ready to switch from SpiderMonkey to Nitro.  
One thing that would make my life much easier is to use the nightly 
builds as "development binary releases."  I know this is a little 
outside their intended use.  For OS X, it's easy, I just open the 
package and grab the framework.  For win32, though, I'm missing the lib 
to go along with the dll.  Is it possible whatever script builds the 
nightly could also put in the lib, and even better (I can get these from 
the source, so it's not a big deal), the interface headers for JSC (and 
probably those for the other components.)

I understand that I'm basically asking for a convenience on my part, but 
I think a lot of open source libraries have binary releases and 
hopefully it might be simple on your end (to alter some script.)


[>] Brian

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