[webkit-dev] HTML5 Application Cache

Anders Carlsson andersca at apple.com
Wed Sep 10 23:46:09 PDT 2008

9 sep 2008 kl. 20.42 skrev Michael Nordman:

> What is the status of the work-in-progress around the HTML5 AppCache  
> that is in the repository? Is anybody actively working on that now?  
> I'm interested in incorporating support for this feature into Chrome  
> is why I'm asking.
> Michael

Hey Michael!

As far as the specification goes, the two big parts that aren't  
implemented are opportunistic entries, and dynamic entries.

Also, all I/O is currently synchronous which is of course something  
that we'd like to avoid. The relevant code is (as you probably already  
know) in WebCore/loader/appcache, but also elsewhere in the loader,  

The code hasn't received a lot of testing (given that the spec is  
fairly new and in flux). Some regression tests are in LayoutTests/http/ 

Any feedback/comments you have is of course much appreciated!


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