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Bely belyxiong at coomosoft.com
Mon Oct 6 22:56:18 PDT 2008

Thanks Dan!


But what fonts should I install on windows to run the tests and where can I
get them?




-- Bely


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On Oct 6, 2008, at 7:55 PM, Bely wrote:


Hi Mark, 

    Thanks for your reply!


I am running the tests on windows, with cygwin installed. After build it in
VC8 using “debug”

configuration, I execute the tests by invoking run-webkit-tests in cygwin
console like:




First time it says WebKitGUID.lib is missing, I rename WebKitGUID_debug.lib
to WebKitGUID.lib, 

And later it says WTF_debug.lib is missing, again I rename WTF_debug.lib to
WTF.lib, then I began to run the tests and 

Got the result.


Is there anything wrong with my process?

Hi Bely,


Many layout tests’ results are dependent on the fonts that are available on
the system. When you run the tests on Windows, the results for most tests
are compared against the expected results in LayoutTests/platform/mac, so it
is expected that the results will mismatch, because a typical installation
of Windows is missing many fonts that are available on Mac OS X.



-- Dan





- Bely


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On 2008-10-05, at 23:16, Bely wrote:


> Hi all,

>          I am new to webkit. Recently I run the layout test and got  

> the following result :

>          [table]

> Test Feature

> Total

> passed/ incorrect/timedout/crashed/stderr

> Pass rate

> Layout Testing

> 9085

> 4853

> 4198

> 15

> 5

> 14

> 53.4%









>          [text]

>          Total:        9085

>          Passed: 4853

>          Incorrect:  4198

>          Timedout:          15

>          Crashed:  5

>          Stderr:       14


> Why the pass rate is so low?  Is this result reasonable? Or I  

> wrongly executed the test?  Can someone help me?


Which platform did you run tests on?  Which port of WebKit did you  

use?  The buildbot at <http://build.webkit.org/waterfall> shows that  

WebKit on Mac is currently passing 100% of the regression tests.   

Results for ports other than Mac and Windows are likely to be  

significantly worse as the developers of other ports have not spent  

much time focussing on passing the layout tests.


- Mark

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