[webkit-dev] Is there flash players plugin for Linux on ARM CPU?

SON SEOK BAE sbson at kt.com
Fri Jul 18 00:28:35 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Here are questions on flash plugin
1) Is there Adobe flash plugin (or comptible one that can support Flash player 9 contents) for webkit which can work on Linux over ARM CPU?
2) In Nokia N810 (OS:Maemo) internet tablet,  Adobe flash player 9 plugin is installed. 
    (It is for MicroB browser, which uses modified gecko engine as a layout engine.)
    Is it pluggable to webkit engine?

I think I need to give you some background on this.
I'm working on Nokia N810 device for porting webkit-based browser. 
For some reason, I had to remove Maemo from it for installing a "generic" linux and webkit/gtk port on it.
(I chose Debian linux for a "generic" linux.)
I want to show flash contents on the webkit browser. So, I need to find a flash plugin which..
1) can be pluggable to webkit/gtk port and can work on Debian linux over TI OMAP processor (ARM core).
2) is Adobe flash player 9.0 plugin or competible. (The browser should be able to show YouTube contents!)

Thanks in advance.

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