[webkit-dev] WebKit Fails to build in XCode 3.1

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Wed Jul 2 03:40:33 PDT 2008

On 2008-07-02, at 03:29, Samuel Davis wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> Thanks again for the hint...
> I have been monitoring the Latest Build Status page at http://build.webkit.org/one_box_per_builder
>   and it appears that there hasn't been a successful build for a
> while, at least the status shows that the last 8 build attempts
> failed.  The Status page shows that the last successful build was on
> trunk 27090.  I would have greater confidence that the WebKit source
> would build successfully on my machine if WebKit Org were able to
> build a successful target themselves.  Hence, I will make another
> attempt to build locally when the Build Status shows that a successful
> build has been achieved by WebKit Org.

You're confusing a test failure on the buildbot with a failure to  
compile from source.  "Failed" indicates that one of the following  
things failed to complete 100% successfully: SVN checkout, build of  
WebKit, JavaScriptCore regression tests, WebKit regression tests.  The  
"Waterfall" view at <http://build.webkit.org/waterfall> represents  
this visually in a much more understandable fashion IMO.

The first three builders listed (trunk-mac-ppc-release, trunk-mac- 
intel-release, trunk-mac-intel-debug) are currently failing three  
tests.  As running tests happens *after* WebKit is built and would not  
happen if WebKit failed to build, we can conclude that WebKit does  
currently build.  If the build shows up as failed and says "compile- 
release" or "compile-debug", then the release or debug builds are do  
not compile.

> Also I'm using the Command Line to build my local target.  I have
> examined the log that was produced by the Terminal when I attempted a
> local build and I couldn't find anything that would indicate that an
> error occurred during the build process apart from the comments that I
> sent you below.

Look for the first mention of the step named in the list of commands  
that failed. Eg., do a build, copy the failed command line  
("CopyStringsFile /Users/samueljd/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Release/ 
InfoPlist.strings English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings" from your previous  
email), hit Cmd-F and search for it (with "Wrap Around" ticked).  That  
should take you right to the execution of the command.  The error  
output will be somewhere shortly after.

- Mark

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