[webkit-dev] run-webkit-tests on Windows

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Wed Jan 16 07:40:51 PST 2008

On Jan 16, 2008, at 1:38 AM, Double-Dee Zee wrote:

> Hi,
> I am having some problems with run-webkit-tests on Windows.
> Likely, these are simple problems, but this script is not well  
> documented, so please let me just ask here.
> First, when I run run-webkit-tests, DumpRenderTree does compile and  
> build successfully, but I get this error:
> can't find executable DumpRenderTree (looked in /cygdrive/c/Source/ 
> WebKit/WebKitBuild/bin)
> But, the executable really is there.  When I do an "ls /cygdrive/c/ 
> Source/WebKit/WebKitBuild/bin/Dump*", I do get "/cygdrive/c/Source/ 
> WebKit/WebKitBuild/bin/DumpRenderTree.exe".

I wonder if you built Debug and run-webkit-tests is looking for  
Release DRT, or vice-versa? You could try running `set-webkit- 
configuration [--debug|--release]` and see if that fixes it.

> So, I comment the line doing that check and move on.  Now, the tests  
> run, but they all fail.  The output is something like this:
> running css1/basic/class_as_selector.html -> failed
> running css1/basic/comments.html -> failed
> running css1/basic/containment.html -> failed
> running css1/basic/grouping.html -> failed
> running css1/basic/id_as_selector.html -> failed
> running css1/basic/inheritance.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/acid_test.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_bottom.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_inline.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width_inline.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_color.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_color_inline.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_inline.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_left.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_left_inline.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_left_width.html -> failed
> running css1/box_properties/border_left_width_inline.html -> failed
> Any ideas why this isn't working?  My webkit.dll is definitely  
> building and running successfully.  Is run-webkit-tests supported on  
> Windows?  Can I get more detailed error information?

Many of our regression tests rely on having a specific set of Mac  
fonts available (you can see some of the list in WebKitTools/ 
DumpRenderTree/win/DumpRenderTree.cpp). If you don't have the right  
fonts, many of the tests will fail. There are font conversion  
utilities that can convert fonts from the Mac .dfont font format  
to .ttf. You'll need to convert the fonts listed in  
DumpRenderTree.cpp, put them in a directory on your Windows machine,  
and set the WEBKIT_TESTFONTS environment variable to point to that  

This is clearly a less than ideal situation, as many people don't have  
own a Mac OS X installation from which to get the required fonts.  
We're working to improve this situation (Mitz has been making some  
progress in this area), but we're still a ways from having a good  


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