[webkit-dev] run-webkit-tests on Windows

Double-Dee Zee doubledeezee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 22:38:08 PST 2008


I am having some problems with run-webkit-tests on Windows.

Likely, these are simple problems, but this script is not well documented,
so please let me just ask here.

First, when I run run-webkit-tests, DumpRenderTree does compile and build
successfully, but I get this error:

can't find executable DumpRenderTree (looked in

But, the executable really is there.  When I do an "ls
/cygdrive/c/Source/WebKit/WebKitBuild/bin/Dump*", I do get

So, I comment the line doing that check and move on.  Now, the tests run,
but they all fail.  The output is something like this:

running css1/basic/class_as_selector.html -> failed
running css1/basic/comments.html -> failed
running css1/basic/containment.html -> failed
running css1/basic/grouping.html -> failed
running css1/basic/id_as_selector.html -> failed
running css1/basic/inheritance.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/acid_test.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_bottom.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_inline.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width_inline.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_color.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_color_inline.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_inline.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_left.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_left_inline.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_left_width.html -> failed
running css1/box_properties/border_left_width_inline.html -> failed

Any ideas why this isn't working?  My webkit.dll is definitely building and
running successfully.  Is run-webkit-tests supported on Windows?  Can I get
more detailed error information?

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