[webkit-dev] Regarding WebKit Support Libraries

Daniel Zucker zucker at wake3.com
Sun Feb 17 09:15:10 PST 2008

Hi Alp and Brent,

My vote is to use Wininet.

This is because my objective is to eventually support a WinCE version.
Wininet is used in both Win32 and WinCE, so it is a convenient choice from
this point of view.

CURL would be OK if it could be easily ported to WinCE.  I haven't looked
into that, so I don't know the difficulty.  But, I suspect it is
non-trivial.  Also, it would have the downside of requiring extra code which
increases the static application size.  (Static application size is an
important consideration for mobile use cases).

So, I vote for using Wininet.  There was Wininet support in the codebase
earlier.  I believe this could be resurrected without too much trouble.


On Feb 15, 2008 5:33 AM, Brent Fulgham <bfulgham at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Alp,
> On Feb 14, 2008, at 2:05 AM, Alp Toker wrote:
> > Brent Fulgham wrote:
> >> In the medium term, I will probably end up ripping out the
> >> CFNetwork code to replace with native windows calls, though it
> >> would be nice to avoid this needless work.
> > The CURL http backend used by the GTK+ and Wx ports works on
> > Windows, though it's not as complete as CFNetwork. It could do the
> > job till the CFNetwork issues are resolved.
> In light of Apple's recent notification (today) that CFNetwork would
> no longer be available as open source, I think we've got to shift to
> the CURL back-end.  There are really only three options I see:
> 1.  If license allows, take the existing APSL CFNetwork sources and
> attempt to use it.  Downsides:  lots of work to achieve existing
> features.  No real upside.
> 2.  Implement native WinInet versions of features from CFNetwork.
> Downsides:  Single-platform, minimal reuse.  Not much assistance to
> find problems.
> 3.  Use CURL library.  Benefits:  Assist in CURL development, share
> code with other project targets (read:  I get to bug Alp when I have
> problems).  Downside:  Mostly just the manual effort of
> conditionalizing the CFNetwork code.
> Of these, the only one that really seems desirable to me is the CURL
> back-end.
> > CFNetwork is integrated into the Win port (consider how HTTP
> > resource errors are handled and passed up to the UI) so swapping it
> > out for something else may have some unfortunate maintenance
> > overhead (ifdefs, more platform splits, and associated build system
> > changes).
> Agreed, but I don't see that we have much choice at this point.
> -Brent
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