[webkit-dev] issue with Webkit on gtkdirectfb

Srinivas Rao M Hamse msrinirao at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:49:45 PST 2008


I tried to build latest  webkit (r30082) on ARM using gtkdirectfb with input
driver as LIRC. I am able to get the GtkLauncher up and running. I have a
problem with this configuration in typing keys in the input text box widget
of html pages.

ISSUE1: HTML Input Element not working

The default web page www.google.com page opens up. I am able to key in
characters through the remote when the focus is present in the webkit's
address bar(where we enter URLs). But i am not able to key in any input
through remote when i bring the focus to the text input box ( where we enter
search strings). The key inputs are sensed at the driver level. I have found
through the gdb the  keyed inputs are coming till

 HTMLInputElement::defaultEventHandler(Event* evt)

function. But it will never get displayed into the input text box.  From the
code I couldn't  decipher where and how the  flow  for character inputs.

When i switch back to the address bar( using TAB key press), the key pressed
characters continue to display.  Do you have any idea as to where i should
look for sorting this issue. I guess the key press events are not getting
The similar issue was present in earlier build r26699 also.

ISSUE 2: Font rendering:

The output is as seen at:


Please give me pointers to solve this issue.
Srinivas Rao. M

Srinivas Rao M Hamse <http://msrinirao.blogspot.com>
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