[webkit-dev] about building s60webkit: (Undefined symbol: '___CxxFrameHandler') : perhaps we should fix build.bat

Kenny Kai Yin Yu kykyu at cs.hku.hk
Mon Feb 11 02:52:23 PST 2008

Hi Mark

> > Also, about the instruction in your blog
> >  -   removed the line that deleted the MWSym2LibraryFiles environment
> > variable (this one caused me much pain, viz a viz the infamous
> > ___CxxFrameHandler problem)
> >
> > Do you mean to remove these 2 lines -->
> > $ENV{'MWSym2LibraryFiles'} =
> > 'gdi32.lib
> ;user32.lib;kernel32.lib;MSL_All_MSE.lib;MSL_All_MSE_Symbian.lib;MSL_All_x86.lib;MSL_All_x86_Symbian.lib';
> No, the line that says "delete(MWSym2LibraryFiles)" or something like
> that, just below.

Thanks for this information! I followed the instruction stated in
http://trac.webkit.org/projects/webkit/wiki/S60Webkit but to use release
21772, and, together with the solution you provided (to delete the line in
build.bat which caused the __CxxframeHandler error), and finally can build
it successfully!

However, the build is still not so stable. What I mean is that my S60Webkit
traps in the middle of the operation quite often. Let's hope Nokia would
have newer releases which fix the problem.

Hi All,

Do you think we should alter the
That is, to delete line 101 in
build.bat... please advise. Thanks!

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