[webkit-dev] WebKitGtk network backend

Gustavo Noronha Silva gns at gnome.org
Mon Dec 22 02:29:41 PST 2008

On Sun, 2008-12-21 at 21:29 +0100, Christian Dywan wrote:
> So, I'd like to suggest to make libSoup the only backend. We would then
> require a recent (unstable) libSoup, similar to how Gtk+ depends
> on the latest (unstable) Glib. Xan Lopez has agreed already on IRC.

As someone who has been building/testing/developing/using WebKit/GTK+
with libsoup from the start, I agree.

> Of course, we actually have a use case, that is we agreed to introduce
> libSoup specific API:
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22624

I also agree with this API adition, as discussed in the Soup Cookies
patch IRC meeting some time ago.

See you,

Gustavo Noronha Silva <gns at gnome.org>
GNOME contributor: http://www.gnome.org/

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