[webkit-dev] WebKitGtk network backend

Arthur Webkid arthur.webkid at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 15:19:18 PST 2008


I am +1 for this.

Do you have any IRC log so we can follow your reasoning with this

Best Regards

Arthur Webkid

於 日,2008-12-21 於 21:29 +0100,Christian Dywan 提到:
> Heya,
> the Gtk port of WebKit currently supports two network backends, that is
> Curl and libSoup. The plan always was to improve libSoup to an extend
> where it supersedes Curl, but libSoup is deemed not mature enough up to
> this day. As far as I'm aware most of the Gtk contributors are
> in favour of dropping Curl and supporting only libSoup.
> If libSoup is the only backend, we can easily make use of libSoup API
> in applications, which means we don't have to dublicate interfaces in
> WebKit. And distributions will build one WebKit build, instead of half
> of them using a different backend. In the end libSoup will become as
> stable as it has to be, if the time invested in maintaining Curl
> support can instead go into improving the libSoup code.
> Note that with regard to packaging, libSoup is "a walk in the park"
> compared to WebKit, it is built easily and quickly. And it is
> portable, that is it doesn't depend on GNOME and it is usable for
> instance on Win32. As far as stability is concerned, libSoup surely
> isn't less stable than rendering or scripting in WebKit trunk.
> So, I'd like to suggest to make libSoup the only backend. We would then
> require a recent (unstable) libSoup, similar to how Gtk+ depends
> on the latest (unstable) Glib. Xan Lopez has agreed already on IRC.
> Of course, we actually have a use case, that is we agreed to introduce
> libSoup specific API:
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22624
> If anyone has a good reason for not doing this, please speak up now or
> remain silent forever ^_^
> Yours,
>     Christian
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