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Jack Wootton jackwootton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 03:26:04 PDT 2008

Jonni, thank you for the clarification.  As you suggested, it should
clear up rumours and and at least provide some reassurance that events
would at least be communicated.  I appreciate your summary.

As I said before, projects come and go, code breaks etc.  I've never
had a problem with any of this, it was purely that lack of
communication that really was bad.


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:19 AM,  <Jonni.Rainisto at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Yes, my organization is more familiar with QT-WebKit side, but I do have
> some contacts on S60 WebKit people and have digged out some info
> regarding S60WebKit. And I can comment on Jack's complaint that Nokia IS
> aware of current problems of the S60WebKit port, and there is actions
> started to rectify the situation on S60WebKit port.
> 1. I know that updated version of the S60WebKit port will be released
> after the phone which uses newer version of the WebKit is released, this
> will happen in this year.
> 2&3. Will be corrected at the same time, and S60WebKit team will have
> couple fulltime people maintaining released code line for the community.
> 4&5. As I'm not member of S60WebKit team, I cannot officially
> communicate that much on behalf of their team because I don't have that
> clear picture of S60 side activities, but hopefully this email atleast
> clears some of the rumours and misinformation that might be going
> around. But I can say that we are aware of the situation, and hopefully
> you will see better support in the future.
> Regards, Jonni
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>>On 2008-08-14, at 21:07, Jack Wootton wrote:
>>> I hope this signals a better start for Nokia.  Before Nokia
>>can submit
>>> anything back to the WebKit community they'll have to:
>>Speaking as developer of WebKit, if Nokia wishes to resume
>>contributing code to the WebKit project then they are free to
>>do so, as are any other developers.  I understand that you may
>>be frustrated with how the S60 port has been handled, but I
>>don't think that it helps the situation to claim that Nokia
>>must do the things you list in order to continue contributing
>>to WebKit.  The work that Jonni is presenting appears to be
>>based on the Qt WebKit port, which is completely distinct from
>>the S60 code base, and has an active community maintaining it.
>>Kind regards,
>>Mark Rowe


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