[webkit-dev] image types in MimeTypeRegistry.cpp

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Sat Sep 15 22:46:56 PDT 2007

Whoops, sorry for the delayed response

> I meant there are numerous types of files like ico, tiff, bmp, gif  
> etc., just wanted to enumerate those which work fine on both win  
> and mac, and not something that works on one platform and not on  
> the other. I know png and jpeg are the majority of files out there  
> and they work fine on both platforms.
Tricky -- i'm not actually sure what image formats are supported by  
CG, and i know less about what image formats are supported by the  
GTK, QT, and WX versions of webkit.

If you look at the arrays defined for supportedImageMIMETypes (see  
MIMETypeRegistry.cpp) we assume that all implementations support:
       "image/x-icon",    // ico
       "image/x-xbitmap"  // xbm

This only really applies to a standalone image -- eg. a person  
navigating directly to an image.

<img> tags just pass the raw data directly to the image library,  
regardless of mimetype so it's possible that more image types may be  
supported through <img> tags than as standalone pages.


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