[webkit-dev] Proposal: reorganization of WebKitTools/Scripts

Adam Treat treat at kde.org
Sun May 20 12:39:08 PDT 2007


Currently the build, run and debug scripts in WebKitTools/Scripts are a mashup 
of scripts for the various ports.  Most of the scripts are written in perl, 
but a few are bash scripts.  Some of them use common functions, but not all 
and not all in the same way.  I'd like to propose a reorganization so that 
all the ports can share common defines and functions as well as a common 
build directory root.  Specifically:

1. Add a dir for each port so we'd have Scripts/mac, Scripts/qt, Scripts/gdk 
for port specific scripts where the common defines and functions would live 
in the Scripts directory proper.

2. Specify command line options for all scripts which would invoke the proper 
port specific script.  That or we set a standard ENV variable that the 
scripts can use to invoke the port specific scripts.  ie:
	build-webkit (--mac|--qt|--gdk)
	make build-webkit script to read $(WEBKIT_PORT) env var...

3. Make bakefiles ports respect WebKitBuild dir... and so on...



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