[webkit-dev] Proposal: reorganization of WebKitTools/Scripts

Kevin Ollivier kevino at theolliviers.com
Sun May 20 14:18:26 PDT 2007

Hi Adam,

On May 20, 2007, at 12:39 PM, Adam Treat wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently the build, run and debug scripts in WebKitTools/Scripts  
> are a mashup
> of scripts for the various ports.  Most of the scripts are written  
> in perl,
> but a few are bash scripts.  Some of them use common functions, but  
> not all
> and not all in the same way.  I'd like to propose a reorganization  
> so that
> all the ports can share common defines and functions as well as a  
> common
> build directory root.  Specifically:
> 1. Add a dir for each port so we'd have Scripts/mac, Scripts/qt,  
> Scripts/gdk
> for port specific scripts where the common defines and functions  
> would live
> in the Scripts directory proper.

For the wx port, we have only one port-specific script (2 if you  
count regenerate-makefiles), and I wasn't aware that there were many  
other port-specific scripts in the WebKitTools/Scripts dir.  
Personally, I'm fine either way, but if each of the subdirs have 1-2  
scripts max, it might be simpler just to leave things as they are.

Of course, I think a README with a brief summary of what each script  
does would probably be very helpful in either case.

> 2. Specify command line options for all scripts which would invoke  
> the proper
> port specific script.  That or we set a standard ENV variable that the
> scripts can use to invoke the port specific scripts.  ie:
> 	build-webkit (--mac|--qt|--gdk)
> 		OR
> 	make build-webkit script to read $(WEBKIT_PORT) env var...

The latter (or both) would be preferable to me, as it would also make  
other scripts (such as run-javascript-tests and install-*-extras)  
able to handle port-specific issues (e.g. it would know how to get  
the proper configuration dir from webkitdirs.pm). On the wx-port- 
alpha branch, I currently do both - use build-webkit --wx to build,  
then have builders set a WXWEBKIT environment variable which is read  
by webkitdirs.pm so that it can be 'wx' aware when running other  
scripts. Of course, WEBKIT_PORT would be a much better solution to this.

> 3. Make bakefiles ports respect WebKitBuild dir... and so on...

This has been done actually for wxWebKit on the wx-port-alpha branch  
as part of those changes. I could prepare a patch for this (at least  
the bits that affect all Bakefile ports), but I don't have the GDK  
port running to test against, so I'd need help there.



> Comments?
> Adam
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