[webkit-dev] Safari Win and plugins directory

lewis francis lewis at lewisfrancis.com
Wed Jun 13 08:07:41 PDT 2007

It appears that Safari Win seeks out and uses plug-ins from other browser
installations (I haven't yet pulled a Win nightly to see if it does the
same; assuming it does).

One impact on web developer/testers/support is, for instance, If you need to
test Flash degradation, you'll have to remove your Flash Netscape-style
plug-ins from all your installed browsers' plugins directories.

Can someone outline the operational logic behind this behavior? Does it
follow an order when looking for specific installations, say, alphabetically
Firefox then Mozilla then Netscape?

I may have different versions of a given plug-in in different browser
installations to ease testing and it would help if I knew Safari Win's
plug-in loading logic.

Thanks much.

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