[webkit-dev] AtMail 5.x and Safari

Joe Auty jauty at indiana.edu
Tue Jul 31 20:11:35 PDT 2007

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David D. Kilzer wrote:
> Joe Auty <jauty at indiana.edu> wrote:
>> Apparently the developers are working on adding Safari advanced
>> interface support, but in the meantime I was sort of curious as to what
>> the technical hurdles may have been with supporting Safari? Does Safari
>> have some issues with parsing XML documents that Gecko is capable of
>> handling?
> XML parsing support has been greatly enhanced (thanks ap!) in WebKit since the
> last version was released with Safari 2.0.x.  The first question (technical
> hurdles for supporting Safari) would probably be best asked of the AtMail
> developers who know much more about what Gecko features it uses.

Yeah, perhaps I'll see if I can get them to provide me with a brain dump
here so I can see if I can make headway on this myself...

> Bug reports about specific failures on http://bugs.webkit.org/ are always
> welcome!  (Reduced test cases will help them get fixed even faster.)
>> This lack of compatibility is apparent under both Safari 2.x and 3 beta.
> If I had to guess, AtMail probably does some user-agent sniffing and disables
> its advanced features for Safari without even trying them first.
> If you'd like to test AtMail against the Gecko version, enable the hidden Debug
> menu in the Safari 3 Public Beta, then try spoofing as "Firefox 2.0.0.x" on an
> AtMail site to see how far you get.  Again, specific bugs (with reduced test
> cases if possible) will help a great deal.
> http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20030110063041629

There is user agent sniffing going on, but even when forced to serve the
XP or XUL interface, there are still various problems. I wish that all
there was to it was brain dead user agent sniffing, but this is not the

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