[webkit-dev] AtMail 5.x and Safari

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Tue Jul 31 15:07:28 PDT 2007

Joe Auty <jauty at indiana.edu> wrote:

> Apparently the developers are working on adding Safari advanced
> interface support, but in the meantime I was sort of curious as to what
> the technical hurdles may have been with supporting Safari? Does Safari
> have some issues with parsing XML documents that Gecko is capable of
> handling?

XML parsing support has been greatly enhanced (thanks ap!) in WebKit since the
last version was released with Safari 2.0.x.  The first question (technical
hurdles for supporting Safari) would probably be best asked of the AtMail
developers who know much more about what Gecko features it uses.

Bug reports about specific failures on http://bugs.webkit.org/ are always
welcome!  (Reduced test cases will help them get fixed even faster.)

> This lack of compatibility is apparent under both Safari 2.x and 3 beta.

If I had to guess, AtMail probably does some user-agent sniffing and disables
its advanced features for Safari without even trying them first.

If you'd like to test AtMail against the Gecko version, enable the hidden Debug
menu in the Safari 3 Public Beta, then try spoofing as "Firefox 2.0.0.x" on an
AtMail site to see how far you get.  Again, specific bugs (with reduced test
cases if possible) will help a great deal.



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