[webkit-dev] Building on Linux

Juan Antonio Suarez Romero jasuarez at igalia.com
Thu Feb 15 03:10:37 PST 2007


I'm also very interesting in switching from bakefiles to cmake. As you
said, having a single build system for the ports makes more easier to
maintain it.

Is your cmake build system already done? If true, I'd like to use it
with the webkit TOT to compile the gdk port.


El Xov, 15-02-2007 a las 11:54 +0100, Jean-Charles VERDIE escribió:
> Hi
> For our WebKit customization, we first used Bakefile from the original 
> gtk port.
> The issue with it was that it was impossible (or we didn't figure how) 
> to make a .so and a .a from the same sources and on the same target.
> We dropped it to switch to CMake which we find very interesting for our 
> goals: highly customizable, it's flawless to change a library dependency 
> before launching a compilation.
> It's really interesting since our refactoring is based upon a clear 
> split between what is really (from our point of view) WebKit, and what 
> is platform+OS dependent (font engine, graphic context, threads, and so 
> on). To have a powerful configure engine meant to us to be able to :
> - cross compile while minimizing modification in the tool chain and the 
> meta-makefile.
> - be able to quickly switch from an implementation to another.
> - keep the source directories clean (build the project in foreign 
> directories).
> We find out that CMake matched theses goals. While it's probably not the 
> only one, it still is one :)
> I hope that we can eventually merge our toolchain with other's efforts 
> to try and minimize the number of toolchains for un*x platforms.
> Regards
> Jean-Charles

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