[webkit-dev] page load test

René v Amerongen appledev at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 5 13:54:03 PST 2007

Op 5-feb-2007, om 22:26 heeft Darin Adler het volgende geschreven:

> On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Nikhil Swamy wrote:
>> The page load test feature is really handy -- thanks!
> That's actually a Safari feature, not a WebKit feature. It's  
> something the Safari team made for our own internal use. We haven't  
> done anything to try to make it useful for people outside our team  
> or outside Apple.
>> Right now, I use it by selecting the "URL mode" and entering a  
>> single URL which gets loaded repeatedly. I'm able to then obtain  
>> load time statistics for that one URL.
>> However, I'd like to use it to benchmark a set of pages and output  
>> load time statistics for each page individually. Is this possible  
>> to do? Perhaps the "Suite mode" can help with this? If so, could  
>> someone let me know how to use this mode?
> You can make a file listing tests and giving it the ".pltsuite"  
> extension, then put it in the Safari application's Contents/ 
> Resources directory. This is not something you'd generally want to  
> do because it requires modifying your local copy of Safari.

>> Also, I've been looking around the WebKit source trying to figure  
>> out the relevant bits of code that handle the page load tests. It  
>> appears as though the callbacks that measure the timing stats etc.  
>> are being installed from outside WebKit. Is it straightforward to  
>> augment the page load test functionality from within WebKit? It  
>> would be a huge help if someone could point me towards the  
>> relevant classes in the source tree.
> This is not a WebKit feature. It's a Safari feature. It's not open  
> source, which is why you can't find the code.
> You could make something like this that was independent of Safari;  
> with a little work I'm sure you could come up with something far  
> more sophisticated.

Maybe Apple could move it to be also a Webkit tool. Apple? Why  
reinvent the wheel?

> I'm not sure what you're using this for. The Safari team uses it to  
> gauge the speed of Safari.

I use it to test my server load. I start al the safari browsers i got  
here ( also use more then one account at the same time on a machine )  
and want it to run for a lot of pages to download and look how my  
server app is doing.

And yes it could be have some extra's.


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