[webkit-dev] page load test

Nikhil Swamy nswamy at cs.umd.edu
Mon Feb 5 13:58:10 PST 2007

>> However, I'd like to use it to benchmark a set of pages and output  
>> load time statistics for each page individually. Is this possible  
>> to do? Perhaps the "Suite mode" can help with this? If so, could  
>> someone let me know how to use this mode?
> You can make a file listing tests and giving it the ".pltsuite"  
> extension, then put it in the Safari application's Contents/ 
> Resources directory. This is not something you'd generally want to  
> do because it requires modifying your local copy of Safari.

Thanks for this tip---it's pretty close to the functionality that I  
want. Just for reference, I found this page that describes pltsuite  
in a bit more detail: http://rmrm.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/opendarwin- 


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