[webkit-dev] page load test

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Mon Feb 5 13:26:02 PST 2007

On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Nikhil Swamy wrote:

> The page load test feature is really handy -- thanks!

That's actually a Safari feature, not a WebKit feature. It's  
something the Safari team made for our own internal use. We haven't  
done anything to try to make it useful for people outside our team or  
outside Apple.

> Right now, I use it by selecting the "URL mode" and entering a  
> single URL which gets loaded repeatedly. I'm able to then obtain  
> load time statistics for that one URL.
> However, I'd like to use it to benchmark a set of pages and output  
> load time statistics for each page individually. Is this possible  
> to do? Perhaps the "Suite mode" can help with this? If so, could  
> someone let me know how to use this mode?

You can make a file listing tests and giving it the ".pltsuite"  
extension, then put it in the Safari application's Contents/Resources  
directory. This is not something you'd generally want to do because  
it requires modifying your local copy of Safari.

> Also, I've been looking around the WebKit source trying to figure  
> out the relevant bits of code that handle the page load tests. It  
> appears as though the callbacks that measure the timing stats etc.  
> are being installed from outside WebKit. Is it straightforward to  
> augment the page load test functionality from within WebKit? It  
> would be a huge help if someone could point me towards the relevant  
> classes in the source tree.

This is not a WebKit feature. It's a Safari feature. It's not open  
source, which is why you can't find the code.

You could make something like this that was independent of Safari;  
with a little work I'm sure you could come up with something far more  

I'm not sure what you're using this for. The Safari team uses it to  
gauge the speed of Safari.

     -- Darin

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