[webkit-dev] Updated build scripts

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Sat Dec 8 17:04:15 PST 2007

Oliver Hunt wrote:
> I just landed a change (r28568) to provide finer granularity when 
> enabling and disabling the more advanced SVG features we have in the 
> tree (it's no longer an all on or all off setting).  Unfortunately due 
> to the significant impact this has on a number of the autogenerated 
> files it is necessary to perform a completely clean build.
> For Mac and Windows WebKit this will require deleting the WebKitBuild 
> directory, unfortunately i am not familiar enough with the qt or gtk 
> biulds to know exactly what directory will need to be cleaned :(

Is there anything we can do to automate this (maybe touching config.h 
will do the trick? Or touching generate-bindings.pl? Or 
DerivedSources.make?)? Not only is it an inconvenience for developers, 
it's very problematic for our build bots.


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