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Wed Apr 18 23:44:37 PDT 2007

Webkit makes a very poor implementation for those who cannot, don't  
wish to, or do not have access to a mouse.
Keyboard navigation isn't supported, so the time to load is really  
irrelevant if the user has any input.

Opera doesn't support foreignObject, though there is a temporary hack.
Client side support for more than one language isn't available.

Camino or firefox are easy winners for getting the most out of http:// 
Client-side scripting isn't used at all, SVG, CSS and HTML.

manipulating the DOM via script may offer the author exciting  
opportunities, however there are many good reasons not to use client- 
side scripting. One being that it interferes with assistive  
technologies, and is frequently turned off.


Jonathan Chetwynd

On 19 Apr 2007, at 06:58, Andreas Neumann wrote:

Working a lot with SVG on the Mac I can confirm that the Webkit  
implementation is among the faster. In some cases the Adobe SVG  
viewer is still faster, but Webkit is faster when it comes to DOM  
manipulations, creating/changing/deleting a lot of elements. I still  
have to track down the cases where the Adobe viewer performs  
significantly better than Webkit.

Opera 9 is probably the most complete browser when it comes to SVG  
features, but it is slower especially when the size of the SVG DOM is  
larger than >5-10000 elements. Firefox SVG on the Mac is awfully  
slow, maybe due to the fact that Cairo is poorly implemented on the  
Mac? (just a guess). On Windows, Firefox SVG performs a lot better,  
on Linux I get very different results, depending on XServer/Graphics  

It will be interesting to see how well webkit performs for animations  
and filters, once they get implemented in future releases.


Ryan Breen wrote:
> http://www.ajaxperformance.com/?p=58
> http://ajaxian.com/archives/performance-test-results-show-strong- 
> webkit-outcome
> Thought you might be interested to see some cross browser SVG  
> benchmarks which show the latest WebKit nightlies as the top  
> performer for a Dojo Charts application.
> Ryan
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