[webkit-dev] How to implement a Object 's new object type

Rodrigo Melo rodrigofm04 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 07:44:52 PDT 2007

Hello folks,
I have been trying to implement a new class in JavaScriptCore/KJS and test
its behavior into the global object, but I don't know if I'm plugging the
class in the right place, i.e., adding it to global object in the right
method or function.
Basically the problems are: I still don't found where the global object
separates or distinguishes the types of the other objects. For example, when
a variable is created as a string or a
boolean, how the global object knows that the type of the variable is string
or boolean.
Is there somebody who can help me on this task and clarify these doubts?
Just to point me where we I add a new class in JavaScriptCore framework will
help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.
Rodrigo Melo
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