[webkit-dev] setup help for win32

Mikael Tennhammar Mikael.Tennhammar at teleca.com
Fri Apr 13 04:20:46 PDT 2007

Hi !


I have tried to get web kit to build on win ( in VS 2005 ). I've
followed the instructions but I get following problem when compiling


1>c:\webkit-proj\javascriptcore\wtf\tcspinlock.h(157) : fatal error
C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory

1>Project : warning PRJ0018 : The following environment variables were
not found:




So could anyone help with what to set the two varibales to and where to
find pthread.h. 


I notice in the project properties that WebKitSDKDir is used for include





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