[webkit-dev] Important missing bits in SVG support

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Mon Nov 20 16:25:22 PST 2006

Hi Andreas,

If you have reduced test cases for individual bugs or unimplemented
features, please (1) search for bugs on http://bugs.webkit.org/ and
upload your reduced test case, or (2) file a new bug if one doesn't
already exit and attach the test case for the missing feature or bug.

Having test cases to develop against (that work properly in Firefox or
with Adobe's plug-in) should greatly help the developers working on SVG


On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 10:36:19PM +0100, Andreas Neumann wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am an active SVG developer and am following Webkit's progress 
> regarding SVG for a while. I think it is soon at a state where it can be 
> used for many SVG projects - not yet complete and bug free, but already 
> usable. I am also happy to see that one can convert SVGs to PDF using 
> Webkit - great! Thanks for your great work on the SVG support!
> Some of my work can be seen at http://www.carto.net/papers/svg/samples/ 
> - note that all examples that run in Opera/Batik/Firefox are standard 
> compliant, while some of the older or more complex examples might only 
> work in ASV (I am working to fix these as well).
> I would like to share a list of missing features with you, that I would 
> need to get most of my examples working in Webkit:
> * dynamic creation of use elements does not yet work: see 
> http://www.carto.net/papers/svg/manipulating_svg_with_dom_ecmascript/create_elements.svg 
> (try the dynamic creation for <use/> elements)
> * support for pointer-events - this is very important for many of my GUI 
> elements as well as mapping projects
> * support for SVGLocatable - all of these methods and properties are 
> very important for coordinate system calculations and for getting 
> bounding boxes: .getBBox(), .getCTM(), .getScreenCTM() (very important), 
> .getTransformToElement()
> * support for SVGPoint and the .matrixTransform() method
> I think if these missing bits above are implemented, many of my examples 
> will work and I'll be able to write bug reports on other things. 
> Currently, most of my examples aren't functional in Webkit due to the 
> missing SVGLocatable and SVGPoint methods/properties.
> I would greatly appreciate if you could look into supporting these 
> methods in the near future.
> Thanks a lot,
> Andreas
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> ETH Zurich
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