[webkit-dev] making reductions

Ingo Chao info at satzansatz.de
Thu Mar 16 19:23:56 PST 2006

Hi, some newbie questions, hope its on topic here.

When I make a reduction of a given bug report page,

- am I supposed/allowed to change the keyword NeedsReduction to
HasReduction, or is this the job of someone else to decide if it still
needs more reduction? (#4076, would need more reduction)

- how do I refer to needed images from this reduction page, can I upload
them to bugzilla or should I refer via base to the original report page
URL (which might change over time), or should I upload images on my
server and refer via base again? (I had the problem with #6270/resolved now)

- is it required to match exactly the report page while reduction, or is
it allowed to reduce and modify, as long as the bug is still
reproducible? (#7737 changed colors etc.)


Ingo Chao

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