[webkit-dev] Feature Requests

Trey Matteson trey at usa.net
Thu Jun 8 11:14:25 PDT 2006

On Jun 8, 2006, at 4:35 AM, Nicholas Shanks wrote:

> I would like to see options in the preferences of Safari,  
> NetNewsWire and other WebKit apps for the following:
> • Defining your own Accept* HTTP headers. Please just give me a set  
> of text fields so I can write my own headers! Especially Accept- 
> Language, that's the most important—my system language is set to  
> British English, yet Safari sends out requests with "en-us". :-/

Aside from the general feature you propose, your specific example  
sounds like a bug.  I'd encourage you to report it at  
bugzilla.opendarwin.org, since a fix would benefit 1000x the people  
who would know how to customize their HTTP headers.

> • Ability to set 1pt to 1/72 inches, and read the screen DPI for  
> digital devices. Unless the screen can report it's own DPI, whis  
> will probably require a large lookup table with Apple and other  
> manufacturers' displays enumerated. (FontBook has something similar  
> for converting copyright strings into publishers' names). This  
> would be a preference in the apps that use WebKit, and you can  
> default to off if you want, but I need the sanity of a HTML client  
> that will display a 10cm line at 10cm on screen, in print, in  
> braille, on a TV, on a phone, wherever.

I think it's a worthy problem, but when Apple tackles it (and it must  
be coming up, as monitors keep developing), I hope they do it at a  
system level instead of just in WebKit.  It's an unappealing prospect  
to me to wind up with an effective zoom factor for web content, but  
not PDF and text content in all the non-WebKit apps I use.


> Is there anyone else that would welcome these abilities?
> - Nicholas._______________________________________________
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