[webkit-dev] Layout tests

Eric Seidel macdome at opendarwin.org
Tue Jul 4 11:41:33 PDT 2006

On Jul 4, 2006, at 1:35 PM, Mike Emmel wrote:
> So  why run the layout tests now ?
> The current ports problems are evident via simple single page testing.

Layout tests are always useful.  Even if the port is otherwise non- 
functional, the layout tests will help you better understand your  
changes, when you make them.  Sometimes you'll make a one line change  
and change (fix or break) tens or hundreds of tests at once.

On 7/4/06, Ronan Meneu <rmeneu at origyn.fr> wrote:
> * I have compiled the DumpRenderTree tool in the .vcproj, modified  
> it to
> build a FrameGdk instead of a FrameWin. Purpose of this tool i  
> think is to
> just dump render tree. It does not have some functionalities of the
> objective-c code like "image diff". It works on linux, but layer  
> size is
> always 0x0. Is this the DumpRenderTree tool used on win32 platform ?

This is the correct direction to move in.  DumpRenderTree.cpp just  
hasn't received enough lovin yet.

An ambitious coder might chose to try and port more of  
DumpRenderTree.xcodeproj (all the associated .m files) to c++ to be  
shared.  It's probably just as easy to write new .cpp files however.   
Especially since it will be a long time before any sort of delegation  
model (for editing, loading delegates, etc.) exists for WebKit for  
any platform other than OS X.

ImageDiff would be simple enough to write using ImageMagick, or any  
other image library which knew how to read pngs into an RGBA array.

One of the first problems someone needs to solve, is setting up run- 
webkit-tests to dump separate -expected.txt files for windows or find  
some way of comparing windows/linux expected.txt output with mac  
expected.txt output.  This is likely impossible due to different  
fonts on the three systems.

Happy hacking.


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