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Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 10:35:04 PDT 2006

On 7/4/06, Ronan Meneu <rmeneu at origyn.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to compile and run layout tests on a linux machine. I have
> several ways to follow, but i am not sure of the best one :
> * I have tried to compile DumpRenderTree (objective-c code). Using GNUstep,
> i can resolve most of the missing headers and objects. I still have few
> compilation errors. Do you think it's worth going on, or is it to close to
> some Apple tools to get it running on a linux platform ?
> * I have compiled the DumpRenderTree tool in the .vcproj, modified it to
> build a FrameGdk instead of a FrameWin. Purpose of this tool i think is to
> just dump render tree. It does not have some functionalities of the
> objective-c code like "image diff". It works on linux, but layer size is
> always 0x0. Is this the DumpRenderTree tool used on win32 platform ?

The Gdk port is driven from bakefiles here is a short set of build instructions.

1.) Install any missing librarires the depends can be read out of
Bakefiles/presets.bkl  look for pkg-config
also you need the bakefile tool.


cd Bakefile

cd JavaScriptCore
cd WebCore/Projects/gdk
cvs WebKitTools/GdkLauncher
./gdklauncher  [url]

I've not looked at how the layout test work yet the current port has a
number of issues.
Text input fields are not working correctly ( there platform independent)
Selection is broken
Highlight on scroll is broken
Post and other features of http not supported.
And a lot more.

Since the layout code is shared I don't personally see that the tests
are that useful
at this time at least till the linux port is more complete.
Most of the cairo code is shared with the windows port the only place
that layout is
really platform independent is with the fonts and this seems okay.

So  why run the layout tests now ?
The current ports problems are evident via simple single page testing.


> * Another solution is to port objective-c code in C++. It seems to me that
> it is quite complex. Has anyone tried to do this ? Have you got some advice
> to realize it ?
> Thanks for your help,
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