[webkit-dev] Layout tests

Ronan Meneu rmeneu at origyn.fr
Tue Jul 4 09:16:26 PDT 2006


I would like to compile and run layout tests on a linux machine. I have
several ways to follow, but i am not sure of the best one :

* I have tried to compile DumpRenderTree (objective-c code). Using GNUstep,
i can resolve most of the missing headers and objects. I still have few
compilation errors. Do you think it's worth going on, or is it to close to
some Apple tools to get it running on a linux platform ?

* I have compiled the DumpRenderTree tool in the .vcproj, modified it to
build a FrameGdk instead of a FrameWin. Purpose of this tool i think is to
just dump render tree. It does not have some functionalities of the
objective-c code like "image diff". It works on linux, but layer size is
always 0x0. Is this the DumpRenderTree tool used on win32 platform ?

* Another solution is to port objective-c code in C++. It seems to me that
it is quite complex. Has anyone tried to do this ? Have you got some advice
to realize it ?

Thanks for your help,

Ronan Meneu
Origyn Web Browser for Embedded Systems Team
Senior Software Engineer
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