[webkit-dev] minor tool improvement ideas (sharing my personal list)

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Sun Jun 19 22:54:33 PDT 2005

I keep a little file on my machine with ideas for tool improvements.  
I haven't put any of these ideas into bugzilla yet, but I wanted to  
share them with the rest of you in case someone wants to do some of  

     update script that opens all files with merge conflicts in an  

     run-webkit-tests option that gives backtraces for failed tests
     run-webkit-tests option that puts you in gdb and re-runs any  
test that crashed

     enhance cvs-apply and cvs-unapply to handle 3-way merges when  
patches are old
     make cvs-apply/unapply smarter about applying patch one level  
too high/low
     teach cvs-apply/unapply how to handle ChangeLog merging so they  
don't always think there's a conflict
     teach cvs-apply to update the date on a ChangeLog entry it's  

     cvs-fix-patch: a script we have internally, make one for  

     cvs-clean: a script we have internally, move it to WebKitTools/ 
         change to respect .cvsignore as Maciej suggested
             turns out it's really hard to respect .cvsignore by  
             since there are so many different sources of things to  
             (defaults, server-side, per-directory .cvsignore, home  
directory .cvsignore)

It would even be helpful to write bugzilla bugs about the best ideas  
from this list.

     -- Darin

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